Paul O’Brien’s New Book, Intuitive Intelligence

Intuitive Intelligence is the 2020 Silver winner of the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) Visionary Award.

What happens when a vision of creative freedom, courageous risk-taking and good timing come together? What if you focused on what fascinates you, then mastered some skills—including a level of intuitive decision-making that helps you make the right moves at the right time? The answer is a life filled with success on your own terms.

In this unique book about self-discovery and manifesting your true destiny, author Paul O’Brien distills a lifetime of business and personal adventures into an eloquently articulated process for making the best strategic decisions with an ever-improving sense of timing. His true stories of lessons learned will intrigue and delight the reader, while the presentation of skills required to make great decisions with perfect timing captivate and motivate.

The author’s elegant Visionary Decision Making process and philosophy clearly define the essential skills of accessing intuition when you need it most. The book shows readers how to take charge of their life and fearlessly take the risks that will that help them realize their goals and dreams—to fearlessly take take those risks that will grow them as a person.

In Intuitive Intelligence, you will learn how to:

  • Discover what truly fascinates you and let that motivate you. Understand what turns on your creative imagination and innate desire to be of service.
  • Fine-tune your intuitive sense, so that you can hear it’s quiet voice even in the midst of chaos.
  • Leverage synchronicities—meaningful coincidences—to receive direction from the realm of Infinite Intelligence, outside the box of linear thinking.
  • Channel archetypes of power—to call forth your inner Hero, the Sovereign, Warrior, Magician, and Lover—and put them to work for you!
  • Develop intuition rituals. Learn how to use guided meditations and the I Ching (Book of Changes) as aids for cultivating and activating Intuitive Intelligence when you need it most.
  • Adopt visionary beliefs. Take ownership and upgrade your operating assumptions.
  • Execute decisions with exquisite timing, trusting in the process and yourself. Like compound interest, the more you trust intuition the easier it becomes to notice and interpret its subtle signals.
  • Develop perfect timing and cultivate a Synchronistic Lifestyle—characterized by inspiration, joy, wisdom and grace.

Intuitive Intelligence book cover

What People Are Saying

“In Intuitive Intelligence, author Paul O’Brien offers a profound way to look deep inside oneself to make better decisions with better timing powered by the genius of our gut intuition.”

Whitney Vosburgh, Co-Author of Work The Future!Today


“If you’re looking for an edge in decision-making in all aspects of life, Intuitive Intelligence is the book for you. Paul O’Brien provides practical guidance that you won’t learn in grad school, and he himself has ‘walked the walk’ in his own successful business.”

Mark Gober, author of An End to Upside Down Thinking 


What a fantastic book! If you are looking to gain greater insights into how your intuition works and how it can open up greater doors of possibility for you, you definitely need to read Intuitive Intelligence.”

Douglas Vermeeren, creator of Personal Power Mastery 


“Paul’s story is inspiring for any entrepreneur. If you value making great decisions at the right time more often, this book is a must read.


About the Author

Paul O’Brien is a successful entrepreneur who developed the world’s largest online astrology service out of his basement, which he sold for millions in 2007. He authored The Visionary “I Ching”: A “Book of Changes” for the 21st Century and produced the Visionary I Ching app. Paul founded and runs the Divination Foundation, an educational nonprofit focused on cultural evolution—also the theme of Pathways, a radio show and podcast he has hosted since 1984 (archived on