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Timing is everything, and great timing is 100 percent intuitive. But accessing intuition is most difficult during stressful periods when urgent decisions need to be made. Armed with the techniques in Intuitive Intelligence, you will learn how to leverage the synchronicity principle to improve timing and your intuition to make wiser decisions—to ensure ultimate success by resolving business and relationship dilemmas when clear intuition is needed the most.

Entrepreneur Paul O’Brien shares his amazing success story and shows you how to build intuitive intelligence—coordinating with logic and overcoming emotional obstacles—to make superior decisions with the best timing.

To become a Visionary Decision Maker, you’ll master techniques such as prioritizing personal success values; using the “weighted pros” method to incorporate logic into your decisions; learn mindfulness practices to make you more receptive to intuitive insights; tapping Infinite Intelligence (psychologist Carl Jung’s collective unconscious) to download creative power and become more sensitive to synchronicities;
upgrading your self-limiting beliefs; and finally a practice of Creative Manifestation that includes visionary decisions and making the right moves at the right time.

O’Brien breaks down the philosophy behind these profound concepts and demonstrates how to use these psychological resources to realize your heartfelt dreams.

You can order Intuitive Intelligence online at any of the following sites.  Available September 10th, 2019 online and in stores where books are sold.